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Our proprietary method for landing your ideal candidate only takes two steps:
The Blueprint™ and The Catalyst™ Search


Landing your ideal candidate starts with a kit, The Blueprint™, which clarifies your needs and identifies the key features you are looking for. Once you have it in hand, it stands alone – it’s yours.

Step 1 – The Blueprint

Your customized kit, The Blueprint™, includes everything you need to attract your perfect hire; from culture and behavioral characteristics, a gender neutral, unbiased job description through to salary range requirements and title conventions. $1,950

If you’re not sure if The Blueprint™ is right for you, click on FAQs or schedule a quick call. And if DIY is not for you, we’re here to do what we do best, secure your ideal candidate and set them up for success with The Catalyst™ search.

(*The Blueprint™ cost is applied to The Catalyst™ price at Step 2.)


A stellar hire is the end game. It began with The Blueprint and now you’re ready to land your leader. Your time is precious, so let us secure your hire with The Catalyst™ search.

Step 2 – The Catalyst

The Catalyst™ melds all that we have into a tailored search for your leader, fit to your culture, timelines, and aspirations. We bring tracking, built-in accountability, high value webinars, logistics and planning to maximize the hiring experience, enhance brand sponsorship, brokerage and integration. This all adds up to a lasting good fit that propels the business forward!

Click on our FAQs for more information, or call us with questions. We don’t bite!


Here is what some of our favorite clients have to say about working with us:

“I met and worked with several recruiters over the past four months and Peoplescape was the best firm I’ve worked with by far. They were very proactive, not only ensuring I was aware of what was happening at every step of the process, but also providing me with encouragement. What makes Peoplescape stand out from the rest is that they care – I genuinely believe that Belinda had my best interests at heart. I also appreciate the expertise she brings with her and I appreciated her following up with me after I had started the role. Thank you!“

Candidate, HR Director, Entertainment Industry, Los Angeles

“Peoplescape understood my business needs very well, were knowledgeable experts and provided a friendly and quality service.”

COO, Marketing & Advertising Agency, Los Angeles, California

“Belinda asked excellent questions and was a good listener. She was objective, listened to my prioritization of needs for the VP People candidate. I shared a unique perspective amongst our management. She was open to and appreciated my candor. Peoplescape is a professional organization distinguished by years of experience and it shows.”

CFO, Marketing Agency, Los Angeles, California

“Peoplescape did a great job vetting candidates and bringing exceptional candidates to us to be interviewed. Peoplescape also made great suggestions for how to lead the interview process and made logistical operations a lot simpler … if you have an important hire to make, especially in the field of HR, they are well worth the investment.”

CEO, Digital Marketing Agency, Los Angeles, California

“Taking a team approach, the Peoplescape consultants brought extensive human resource knowledge to our search process.  They definitely have “bench strength” and they were never afraid to say “let me check that out with another one of our team members.” 

Senior Director, PR Agency, California

“I love your approach, style and just love the way you run your business!”

Founder & CEO, Digital Marketing Agency